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  1. Leaving London, have you considered Chelmsford?

    Just last week The Evening Standard published Leaving London: everything you need to know about living in Chelmsford. We know Chelmsford is a fantastic place to live and if you are looking for property to buy in Chelmsford we can help you with your search. “The Essex city of Chelmsford is just a 40-minute commute from… more >

  2. A first-time buyer in Chelmsford?

    If you are a first-time buyer looking for property in Chelmsford you will be delighted the chancellor has recently announced a cut to stamp duty for first-time buyers of shared-ownership homes worth up to £500,000. As well as bringing the measure in to play he announced in the budget that it will be retrospective, meaning… more >

  3. Smashing the Glass Slipper in Chelmsford

    Chelmsford has much to proud of including being one of England’s newest cities. And a city that is home to Anglian Ruskin Universities riverside campus, made up of striking, modern buildings that house state-of-the-art facilities – including Essex’s very first School of Medicine. Being a University city comes with many benefits to Chelmsford’s residents including a… more >

  4. Hop along to Hylands

    This Sunday 4th November 2018 just a short hop from Chelmsford Hylands House opens its doors free of charge. If you are looking to buy property in Chelmsford it can be good to get to know a bit more about the local environment and what it has to offer. Finding out about Hylands is a… more >

    Hop along to Hylands

  5. Just some of the reasons why Chelmsford is such a good place to live

  6. Chelmsford Charity Fireworks

    Chelmsford Fireworks on Saturday 3rd November is the only non-commercial Fireworks display operating in the City where all money raised goes directly to local charities. The event is organised and run by Chelmsford Round Table, who give up their time to put this event together in order to help support the local community.  This great… more >