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  1. Is BTL still a ‘solid investment option’?

    Despite the headlines, if you have been looking for properties for your property portfolio in Chelmsford it’s not all doom and gloom for the buy-to-let (BTL) sector. Some even suggest it is still very much a solid investment option. 

    It has to be said that the BTL industry has undergone radical change over the past couple of years, with several tax changes impacting on many landlords. But the reality is that buy-to-let remains a ‘solid investment’, according to Andrew Turner, chief executive at specialist buy-to-let broker Commercial Trust. He believes that was inevitable that tax changes, which could potentially suppress profitability in the short term, would impact upon the perceived desirability of buy-to-let investment, but firmly believes there are still plenty of opportunities for investors in the sector thanks to the fact that demand for rental housing is growing.

    “The expectation was that this would be most keenly felt by those with fewer properties because adjusting to the changes would be a more painful process for new investors or those with less experience. “However, the simple fact is that buy to let remains a solid investment option, with strong potential for an attractive and profitable return on capital invested.

    “Investors should not be deterred from buy to let. Demand for rental housing is stronger than ever, the cost of debt remains relatively cheap and the housing shortage is likely to continue. Even so, any investment decision requires care and expertise.”

    Recent figures from UK Finance also indicated an evolution in buy-to-let, rather than a mass exodus. Jackie Bennett, director of mortgages at UK Finance, said: “This is undoubtedly the impact of various tax, regulatory and legislative changes that have happened to landlords in the buy-to-let sector.” However, buy-to-let remortgaging exceeded forecasts for 2018, with lending likely to reach £27bn, representing a £3bn surplus on what was anticipated.

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