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  1. Buying a Home in Chelmsford this year?

    If you have decided 2019 is the year you are buying a home in Chelmsford it is important to get all your property ducks in a row. If you are planning to buy property in Chelmsford and this is your first time buying a home it can understandably be daunting. There are lots of decisions you need to make along the way that could save you thousands of pounds.

    Although 86% of people in the UK want to own their own home, deciding if it is right for you at this time is probably the first thing to do. If you are already a Chelmsford homeowner, then you might have to decide whether you want to sell your property before you buy. It can be dangerous in a rising market, but there are upsides to selling before buying. Being more of a cash buyer or free of a chain can make it possible to move quickly when you do find the Chelmsford property of your dreams.

    Of course, unfortunately, you have to set yourself some kind of budget for buying property in Chelmsford. How much you have to spend might be dependent on how much of a deposit you can get together as well as your income. When budgeting for buying a home in Chelmsford remember to calculate all the one-off and ongoing hidden costs of buying a home. These can put an extra 15% on the cost of your home before you do any renovation.

    After you have worked out how much of a deposit for the mortgage you can get together and sorted your budget you need to think about how to finance your Chelmsford property deal. There might be people in your family who want to help. The bank of Mum and Dad or the “bank of Granny and Grandpa” might be willing to help before you decide what sort of mortgage you need. While you can’t actually get a mortgage before you buy if you are purchasing property in Chelmsford you can get a mortgage in principle which will put you in a stronger position.