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  1. Chelmsford property still good in the long-term 

    Investing in Chelmsford property could still be the best in the long term.  So many savers continue to receive poor returns from banks and building societies, meaning people continue to turn to residential property as a means of supplementing their income. And in Chelmsford, there continues to be solid demand from tenants and stable yields, as buy-to-let consolidates itself as the investment of choice. 

    Despite a challenging 2018 for some in the buy-to-let market, what with the tax and regulatory changes, investment in buy-to-let continues to outperform most major asset classes.  Across Britain, the private rented sector continues to expand. There are currently some 10 million people which is a sixth of the population living in accommodation rented from private landlords.

    Belvoir’s CEO Dorian Gonsalves said. “Whilst landlords are operating in an environment that is slightly more expensive and more tightly regulated, with over ten million renters in the UK we predict that property will remain the tenure of choice for many millions of people in the UK for a very long time,” 

    Looking ahead to 2019, many are predicting that property will remain a good long-term investment for several reasons. The current market has seen falling residential property transactions meaning more people are likely to rent. Rental yields remain good, ranging from 4.5 to 12% in some areas. Good quality rental properties are still in high demand and BTL remains a good, solid long-term investment. Some mortgage free cash buyers are able to pick up some fantastic investment properties, including HMOs with higher yields.

    If you are looking to purchase property in Chelmsford as an investment we can help you find the right buildings for you to look at in the New Year.