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  1. Chelmsford’s twin City

    Of course, a thriving new city like Chelmsford has a twin and this year the Backnang’s Christmas Spirit comes to Chelmsford. If you are looking for property to purchase in Chelmsford you might be interested to know that Backnang in Germany has been twinned with Chelmsford since 1990. At a time when the world seems to be full of so many divisions, Chelmsford City Council believe messages of love, sharing and unity are more important than ever and this is especially poignant during the Christmas holidays

    In the lead to up the 30th anniversary in 2020 of Chelmsford City Council’s and Backnang’s twinning partnership, two advent candles have made their way over to Chelmsford from Backnang this December. The idea is that they tour with the aim to raise awareness of the twining and to unify both communities. From schools and markets to orchestras, colleges and sports clubs, there have been a wide variety of exchanges between Chelmsford and Backnang.

    In the build-up to the 30th anniversary – Ignite Chelmsford Cultural Partnership – will work with the council’s Twinning Association and representatives from Backnang to co-ordinate a series of promotional events and activities. They will celebrate and raise the profile of the long-standing relationship and help both sides get to know one another across all areas of activity; economic, social and cultural.

    The start of this journey began this December when two handmade candles were sent to Chelmsford. One will remain in Chelmsford Cathedral and the other will tour six different destinations, showcasing different parts of the city’s community and collecting Christmas messages along the way. A third candle was made and has remained in Backnang and will make a similar tour.

    The candle will tour the Ideas Hub, Mencap Chelmsford, Admiral’s Reach Care Home, Margaretting Primary School returning to Chelmsford City Council’s Civic Centre on 22 December, complete with photographs, gifts and messages of unity to be exchanged with Backnang in the new year.

    Follow the candle’s journey via Ignite Chelmsford’s  Facebook page, @Ignitechelmsford or Twitter using the hashtag #TwinningCandle.