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  1. Essex’s first alcohol-free bar is in Chelmsford

    If you have been struggling with your resolve to have a dry January Chelmsford’s Abstinence is a great opportunity to get out without temptation.  Abstinence is one of the only bars in the country which not only serves alcohol-free drinks but also puts on live events and serves food in an environment that looks and feels like any bar restaurant. 

    Chelmsford has a growing reputation as a great place to live with easy access to London means that more and more cultural opportunities arise. Abstinence is in Fairfield Road, directly opposite the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford is another example of just that.  The project is the brainchild of owner Wendy Sillett who came up with the idea to offer a vibrant, safe atmosphere to enjoy a night out in Chelmsford without alcohol. 

    When you walk through the front door, the first thing you see is the large, copper-coloured bar with an attractive range of alcohol-free drinks behind it. The bar top is a bespoke design made from walnut with a row of lights which flicker up and down the edge. The walls around the bar are covered with a black marble effect material with glittery pieces set inside it which looks stunning when the lights are all on.

    People can choose to sit at the bar-style seating at the window or at the tables and chairs which are dotted around the venue where you can also enjoy their main food offering which is made up of single and shared platters. There’s a large range of meats, fish, vegetables and cheese which you can put together to make your own personalised platter. 

    “There are many reasons why people don’t drink these days,” said Wendy. 

    “What we want to offer people is that choice. There is nowhere to go in the evening for a fun night out, to go dancing, to listen to live music, to watch a comedian, where there isn’t alcohol being served.”