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  1. Chelmsford Commuter belt

    Chelmsford is part of the London commuter belt and if you are looking to buy or rent property in Chelmsford you need to do your homework. With its city status firmly in place and with reviews of the city improving with time this market town has now taken its place in the spotlight over the… more >

  2. Reference checking tenants?

    If you are a Chelmsford landlord you will know reference checking tenants can be time-consuming and frustrating. Frustration can arise because tenant referencing is left to the final stages of the negotiation process. But if you can introduce referencing your Chelmsford tenants earlier in the process things could go more smoothly. Their new system is… more >

  3. Chelmsford Community Armistice Day celebrations

    Any city needs to have a community at its heart and Chelmsford is no exception. If you live in Chelmsford or are looking at property in Chelmsford you might want to check out what is on in the community. This Autumn with the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War Chelmsford Museum… more >

  4. Apple Day not far from Chelmsford

    This is the time of year for English apples and if you are looking for an apple day to enjoy not far from Chelmsford Lathcoats Farm could be for you. Lathcoats Farm in Essex is a third generation family fruit farm. At the farm not far from Chelmsford, they grow over 40 varieties of delicious… more >

  5. Chelmsford river banks

    Living in Chelmsford has lots going for it including getting involved with caring for the autumn riverbanks if you are that way inclined.  Chelmsford City Council run, Love Your Chelmsford which has events all year round.  The Love Your Chelmsford programme is there to improve the quality of the environment in the Chelmsford area for… more >

  6. Looking to rent a property? Avoid being scammed

    A shortage of rental property in the Chelmsford has resulted in would-be tenants finding it harder to secure somewhere to live. Unfortunately, those unscrupulous people in our society are targeting people desperate to rent a house, according to an article by the Times. YouGov stated that in 2013, 1 million people fell foul of fraudsters…. more >